Helpful Links

We offer the following websites that may be of interest to you

  • BLACKHAWKPARTS - Repair parts, kits and accessories for most popular brands and models of hydraulic jacks and Porto-Powers.
  • PARTS4LIFTS - Over 14,000 parts and accessories for automotive in-ground and surface-mounted lifts.
  • PALLETJACKPARTS - Repair kits, wheel assemblies and parts for most brands and models of hydraulic pallet jacks.
  • TOOLS & HYDRAULICS INC - Repair kits, parts and accessories for air & hydraulic cylinders; hydraulic pumps & motors; high pressure hydraulic tools. On-line store for Nopak Cylinder repair kits. Serving the automotive, construction, industrial and consumer markets worldwide. (And, most importantly, our parent company.)
  • PARTS4PUMPS - Repair parts & kits for most popular brands and models of air operated double diaphragm pumps, hydraulic piston and vane pumps and motors.